Panels and Speakers

Keynote Speakers

  • Brian Wynne: CEO, AUVSI
  • Pedro Sorop: Vice-Minister of Transport of Argentina
  • Steve Banfield: CEO, ReachNow
  • George Mathew: CEO, Kespry


1. Small Players in High Places: Startups Operating in LEO

  • Abigail Davidson: CEO, Cubic Aerospace
  • Alan DeClerck: VP of Business Development, LeoLabs
  • Blaine Pellicore : President, Ursa Major Technologies
  • Rick Jenet: Founding Principal, NewSpace Capital
  • Moderator: Alissa Haddaji, HBS Senior Researcher, Space Economics

2. Infrastructure Investing

  • Rehi Alaganar: Director of Strategy, Hyperloop One
  • Pedro Sorop: Vice-Minister of Transport of Argentina
  • Pierre Estey: StonePeak
  • John Bills: Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Moderator: John Macomber, HBS Faculty

3. Building the Drone Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

  • George Mathew: CEO, Kespry
  • Timothy Bean: CEO, Fortem Technologies
  • Brian Wynne: CEO, AUVSI
  • Tyler Collins: VP of Airspace Services, PrecisionHawk
  • Moderator: Pamela Cohn: Managing Partner, Ascension Global

4. The New Era of Logistics: Ventures that are Shaping the Future

  • Alejandro Esperanza: CEO, GuruCargo
  • Juan Jose Debuchy: CEO and Co-founder, Humber
  • Mike Twersky: CEO and Founder of WhyLine

5. Managing the Skies – Developing Trends in Commercial Aviation

  • Joanna Ibrahim, Former CCO, CFO and Group Head of Strategy, AirAsia
  • Gabriel Cristerna Valencia: Director, International Sales Strategy & Alliance Sales, American Airlines
  • Andrea Lusso, Director of Network Planning, JetBlue
  • Mariya Stoyanova, Director, Product Development, JetBlue

6. Large Spacecraft on the Final Frontier 

  • Bradley Cheetham: CEO, Advanced Space
  • Joe Cassady: Executive Director of Space, Aerojet Rocketdyne
  • Rob Chambers: Director of Human Spaceflight Strategy, Lockheed Martin
  • Tom Culligan: Director for NASA and Missile Systems, Boeing
  • Moderator: Alissa Haddaji, HBS Senior Researcher, Space Economics

7. Urban Multimodal Mobility

  • Persis Elavia: Boston GM, Uber
  • Gabe Cunningham: Senior Associate, Fontinalis Partners
  • Jaclyn Tandler: Director of Strategic Ops, Motivate (Lyft)
  • Chris Dempsey: Director, Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA) Coalition
  • Moderator: Robert Toews: JD/MBA Candidate at Harvard, Strategy at Zoox, Inc., Co-Founder of Stanford/Harvard Forum on the Future of Transportation (SHFFT)
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