Panels and Speakers

Keynote Speakers

  • Pratyush Kumar: VP of Boeing International / President of Boeing India
  • Juergen Keitel: Chief Global Affairs Officer, Chief Development Officer, Air Asia
  • Jim Venturi: Principal, ReThink Studios


1. Business of Drones

  • Thomas Haun: Executive VP, Precision Hawk
  • Laura Major: VP of Engineering, CyPhy Works
  • Bill Goodwin: General Counsel, Airmap
  • Dick Zhang: CEO & Founder, Identified Technologies
  • Logan Campbell: Founder, Aerotas
  • Moderator: Prof. Andy Wu

2. Future of Mobility

  • Josh Raycroft, Hyperloop One
  • Raphael Gindrat, BestMile
  • Cherly Croft, Mitre
  • Moderator: Prof. George Serafeim

3. Emerging Strategies in Commercial Aviation

  • Ido Gruberger: SVP, Operations and Strategy, SurfAir
  • Adam Gordon, Managing Partner and Director, BCG (Aviation Practice)
  • Flavio Leo: Director, Aviation Planning, Massport
  • James Sumers, Director, Revenue Management, United Airlines
  • Moderator: Prof. David Collis

4. Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of City Planning

  • Assaf Biderman, Associate Director, MIT Senseable Cities Lab, Founder & CEO, Superpedestrian
  • Jean-Fracois Tremblay, CEO, Jalon MTL
  • Dominick Tribone, Director of Customer Experience, MBTA
  • Daniel Sullivan, Policy Analyst, MBTA
  • Moderator: Prof. John Macomber

5. The Flightpath of Aviation Technology

  • Blake Emery: Director of Differentiation Strategy, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Greg Brand, Director of Sales, GE Aviation
  • Alfred Anderegg, Senior Advisor, Aviation System Engineering, Mitre
  • Antonio Ficca, Director of Product Marketing, Bombardier
  • JJ Raynor, Head of Strategic Finance, Boom Supersonic
  • Moderator: Prof. Suraj Srinivasan
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