Panels and Speakers

Keynote Speakers:

Check back soon for the updated list of panels and speakers for our 2018 conference.

Last year’s conference panels and speakers included:

Keynote Speakers

Phil McAlister: Director, Commercial Spaceflight, NASA

Jim Cantrell: CEO, Vector Space

Nigel Jacob: Director of New Urban Mechanics, City of Boston

Thomas Glynn: CEO, Massport


The Business of Drones

Helen Greiner: Founder & CTO, CyPhy

Ryan Hartman: Founder & CEO, INSITU

Earnest Earon: Co-Founder & CTO, Precision Hawk

Ben Marcus: Founder & CEO, AirMap

Future of Vehicles

Daphne Jefferson: Deputy Administrator, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Ambar Chowdhury: Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Eric Sipe: Director, Nissan North America

Chan Liue: Senior Legislative Advisor, Venable, and Former Director of Government Affairs, Policy and Strategic Planning at the NHTSA

John Rich: Director of Corporate Strategy, Ford Motor Company

The Future of Commercial Aviation

Palli Borg: Director of Business Development, WOW Air

Flavio Leo: Director Aviation Planning, Massport

Blake Emery: Director of Differentiation Strategy, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Vik Kachoria: President & CEO, Spike Aerospace

Emerging Markets Infrastructure

Dino Batista: Secretary for the Promotion, Brazilian Ministry of Transportation

Roberto Zitelmann de Oliva: CEO, Itermaritima Portos e Logistica SA

 Space Public-Private Partnerships

Jim Reuter: Deputy Associate Adminstrator for Programs, NASA

Alex Saltman: COO, GeoOptics

Kate Becker: International Relations Assistant, NOAA NESDIS

Space Investments

Rob Painter: Razor’s Edge

Nurzhas Makishev: NKM

Gareth Keane: Qualcomm Ventures